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Recent reviews from happy people



Got this to work out with my son. He likes it. Install was straight forward. Graphical not written. Took 4 hours. Many parts. Overall it's pretty sturdy. Some shakiness but I expected that. Pulley system is good. Free-flowing with no hiccups. Pull up handles are excellent. Can perform wide and close grip. I suggest a good bench to complement. I'm using leftover gold's gym XRS 20 which I plan on replacing. It is not an idea bench for me. I really recommend this cage for the beginner or those that don't have time to get to the gym.



5 Stars for this awesome keyboard! Learning piano has always seemed so difficult until now. Both my wife and daughter had never played a keyboard until they tried this one. After one day of practicing with the ONE smart keyboard they could both play basic Christmas songs by using the app and lighted keys as a guide. The smiles and laughs were infectious that evening as the stigmata of learning a difficult instrument over a long period of time instantly dissipated. A truly revolutionary invention that will make learning the piano fun, entertaining and easy. As a music instructor I have always been asked for training tools like this one to help accelerate the learning process for beginners. I will use this as a teaching tool myself and I will highly recommend the ONE smart piano light keyboard to all of my students. I wrote this review as part of a context to win the keyboard.



I purchased this for my Granddaughter! I don't think I read one review about getting this for a girl, but she is 2 and she loves to sit and play on our Deere lawn tractor so I know she will love getting this for Christmas. Yes, she has not driven or seen it yet, but we have seen her ride similar toys at friends house and she is very coordinated and seems to understand the controls and how to use them. In reading reviews, I discovered that there is a potential problem with some exterior components falling off with aggressive use. Being an engineer, I have professionally re-enforced those items and it is now strong as a tank! Anyway, it is the cutest thing you have ever seen! A little pricey, but Walmart had the best price and "free" shipping to the store!