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Recent reviews from happy people


Michelle K

Bought this for my husband for his birthday. This chair is extremely comfortable. He loves it and so does everyone else.



GREAT quality. I bougt this for my daughters second birthday. She loves it. I wanted to purchase a jumper she can use for several years so i opt'd for this one and i do not regret it. My daughter jumps for hours. My daughter is 40lbs and she invites her big cousins to join the fun. They are between the ages of 10-14. This os honestly a great buy. Even i go in there, when i am invited that is. This bounce house is well worth the price and i am certain it will last a long time. I'm happy, my daughter is happy. Thank you.



Having a bit of (outdated) IT experience, I purchased this expecting to have to do a fair amount of wrestling to get it connected to my Comcast modem/router. I found that if you know how to install an app on your cell phone and how to read very basic instructions, it is truly plug and play. There were no "network configuration" settings to mess with. The only wrinkle was they don't mention that you need to make sure your cell phone bluetooth is turned on for the setup app to work. Once the setup is completed you can turn it off again if you want. The result is high speed WiFi throughout a 2,500 square foot home with the Comcast router at one end of the house and the streaming video TV at the far end. As a side note, after installing the system, I had to temporarily relocate my desk-top PC (without wireless) to another room. I just plugged it into one of the remote Google units and it fired up with no questions asked. Refreshing.