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Recent reviews from happy people



I must say I’m pleasantly surprised about how good this bike is. For the price I thought it would be cheaply made and prone to problems. It has been for me a reliable 15 miles round trip commuter bike for the past several months. I also like that I can fold it so I can put it in my smart car if I need to take it for repairs.



This HP laptop is a perfect size (screen 12" by almost 7") and weight (under 4lbs). The display is crisp, clear with excellent color. Watched the beginning of a Netflex movie and the sound was awesome along with a great picture. It's also ready to Skype with a built-in webcam, 2 camera lights and internal microphone. The back-lit keyboard was making it hard to see the keys in the daylight, but I was able to turn them off, so can't wait try out in the evening. I added a wireless mouse for convenience, setup was easy and now we will see how long the battery lasts.



I love my new LED TV! My former TV was a Samsung DLP that I got in '07 or '08. Only problem I had with that was the mirror chip and that was easy for me to replace myself. I wasn't sure how a new one would compare with the DLP, but it was time to get a new TV. I was definitely surprised by the sharpness and quality of the picture. Sometimes it seems as if I'm looking at the folks on the screen through a clean window, and I haven't tinkered with the settings, other than switching to Dynamic mode. The audio is excellent, but I must admit I'm not much of an audiophile when it comes to TVs. There is a fine selection of apps available, but I haven't gotten into them much. I'll explore them later. My old remote operates almost everything on the new TV, so I didn't have to learn a new one, and the remote for my Samsung Bluray player also operates the new TV. Thanks, Samsung! My only complaint is my inability to edit the display name for the HDMI devices. Instead of HDMI1/2, etc I'd like to set them as Bluray, PS4, etc. I was able to do that with the old Samsung DLP.