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This is the best setup for trolling. We slayed a colony of Wahoo first day out got our limit. This reel made it easy all around. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]



I can not wait for my grandchild to come to Florida to visit me. I will be the talk of the town tooling around town with the baby in the new stroller/ car seat!! This Graco system is state of the art with safety and convenience and style. I am very impressed with the construction and the added luxury features it comes with unlike the conventional stroller and or car baby seat. It even comes complete with a pad on the inside of the infant seat that is washable and waterproof so that you keep the seat fresh at all times. In comes complete with an large area underneath to hold the diaper bag and your purse,. In my house the cats love to hang out in it and have me take them for a ride around the house!! There are cup or bottle holders on the handle and wheels that allow you to go in any direction with the turn of your hands. I have a stroller now that will not move unless all the wheels are facing the same direction. Not with this stroller!! You can turn on a dime and not jar the baby in the process. The sides of the infant seat are impact tested so you know that your child will be protected while in the infnat seat. The harness that secures the baby in the seat has 5 different points what secure the baby in the car seat. When not in use the stroller folds up for easy storage too. The infant seat comes with a base that you can leave in the car so all you have to do is snap the seat in place and position the child in the seat and your ready for a car trip. No more having to remove a baby from one seat to another seat which most times is just when the baby is sleeping so you waken the child with all the movement. I think they thought of everything when they designed this stroller / infant car seat!! Even has a overhead bonnet to shield the baby from the sun or rain!! My one negative comments are that of the instructions are not very precise and you need someone with more than average knowledge to assemble it. My husband is very qualified to assemble almost anything and asked me to mention this in my comments as even for him it was tricky. He has every tool known to man and he assembled it in about 35 minutes. Also I found it hard to read the instructions as they are in 3 different languages and you have to skip around to read your language of choice. It would be much better to print a complete book in each language as to not confuse anyone. Or divide it into 3 separate sections. Even though they are high lighted I found it really confusing. In a nut shell this Graco Comfy Cruiser is a must have for any child. When the baby is too big for the infant seat you still have a stroller that they will use for years, It is sturdy and well made and have every safety feature you can think of. I expect some day soon to come complete with its own mini frig!!! loi



HDMI from Mac works some of the time. No remote, no speakers, lousy pixel density and only 2 HDMI ports. Not recommended.