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Dell - Inspiron 15.6" Touch-Screen Laptop - AMD FX - 16GB Memory -

USD $999.11


24/7 technical assistance available online or toll-free by phoneRestore discs are not included (unless specified by supplier). We recommend you use the installed software to create your own restore and backup DVD the first week you use the computer.What's In The...
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24/7 technical assistance available online or toll-free by phoneRestore discs are not included (unless specified by supplier). We recommend you use the installed software to create your own restore and backup DVD the first week you use the computer.What's In The Box:Power cord and AC adapter3-cell batteryQuick Start GuideTo see the manufacturer's specifications for this product, click here.To see a list of our PC Accessories, click here.Trade in your used computer and electronics for more cash to spend at Walmart. Good for your wallet and the environment - click here.

Reviewed by Adrian

23 Jul 2018

I bought this laptop 1 year ago and the performance is very good but the screen broke without suffering any damage, this since the piece that is folded is stuck to the screen which seems very strange, I always bought dell but now I'm disappointed


Reviewed by Kevin

23 Jul 2018

I ordered this laptop after doing a lot of research. For the features and hardware this is comparable to a $1000 laptop with an Intel i7 processor. You can't beat the price and the AMD FX-9800p processor is good enough for me. It is an amazing processor at a fraction of the cost. This laptop is an awesome upgrade for me. It is a really beautiful laptop for those who care about aesthetics. The keyboard lights up and looks amazing. I was so pleased with mine that I ordered another one for my wife. You won't regret buying this laptop.


Reviewed by MattM

23 Jul 2018

This laptop crashed twice before it was even completely set up. Looking at the specs and comparisons, I thought, "This is a great deal for the price." Just because it looks good on paper, doesn't mean it performs well in real life. Once it finally got set up, it still took, on average, about 2 minutes to boot up. Whenever I would click on a program, it would take the better part of a minute to open. I thought, "OK, maybe updating Windows will make the laptop run better." Installed all Windows updates AND Dell-specific updates (including laptop's firmware, WiFi, Bluetooth, and audio updates). Every time I downloaded a program, it would hang on install...including a copy of MS Office. Read that again: it wouldn't even let me install MS Office. Bottom line: Stay away from this laptop, and stay away from AMD processors, unless you like instability. My Gateway desktop from 2009 with 6GB of RAM outperforms this laptop...that's saying something.


Reviewed by JavaJoeEspresso

23 Jul 2018

When I saw the specifications of the unit: Touch Screen, Lit Keyboard, FX-9800P AMD Processor, 16 GB Memory, 1 TB drive, IR camera and the remarkable price of $534 instead of $658 ... I thought I found the perfect laptop. Ordered it, it came quickly site 2 store, I got it home and opened the "security sealed" box ... something was immediately amiss. No AC power adapter in the box. I pulled the laptop out, fingerprints all over it, even the promo sticker next to the touch pad was scratched up. Unable to even power up the laptop ... I just ended up returning it the next day. The "remarkable" price appears to be that the $534 versions of this (now) $658 laptop appear to be returns or refurbished units. In my case, it looks like Dell just put a returned laptop back in a box without even including its AC Power Adapter. Not happy since I didn't even get to turn it on. It is very light, yet sturdy in construction. That would have been a plus had Dell not attempted to sell a used laptop as new. This isn't Walmart's fault, Walmart did everything great and their site 2 store people were awesome. It's purely Dell's fault.


Reviewed by Amol

23 Jul 2018

The laptop is awesome. I am a fan of AMD chips and this has the best CPU and GPU combination available for people on budget. Windows 10 does perform very well, however, if you are looking for a gaming laptop, this may not be the perfect one. I have played few games and none of them work properly on high settings. I have played games like MXGP, Grid 2, NFS and Dishonored and the frame rate is very bad on high settings. On medium and low settings, they do play properly. So overall, if you need a PC to do office work and normal windows stuff, this is best. One bad thing that I found with this purchase was the delivery done by Fedex. It is not walmart issue, but fedex issue. They didnt deliver the product on time and I had to go to their store to pickup and even after that the staff was not friendly. Walmart should look at other delivery providers with better service.

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