H Block 2015 Deluxe + State Tax Software - PC/Mac Disc

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Key Features and Benefits:Home ownershipAre you selling or buying a home? This software will guide you through maximizing your deductions for home mortgage interest and real estate taxes.InvestmentsThis software will guide you through your sale of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. And, it will help you report your dividends or capital gain distributi...
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Key Features and Benefits:Home ownershipAre you selling or buying a home? This software will guide you through maximizing your deductions for home mortgage interest and real estate taxes.InvestmentsThis software will guide you through your sale of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. And, it will help you report your dividends or capital gain distributions.Retirement incomeGet help reporting income from your retirement plan and rollovers, payments from your IRAs, annuities, disability, pension and life insurance proceeds, etc.Refund revealExplains the changes in your refund amount so you always know you are getting the maximum refund.Life changesGet advice for key tax benefits after big changes in your life such as marriage, the birth of a child, getting a new job, going to college, etc.Charitable donationsWhether you;ve donated money or clothing to your local charity, or need to report mileage for volunteer work, this software will help you track and report those donations to optimize tax savings. credomarket is not an authorized retailer of this product.

Reviewed by Bob8

20 Jul 2018

Usually the software worked great and I prefer it to Turbotax. However, on several occasions the instructions confounded me. Usually these instructions were to go to a different screen and do something; but the words used for that something were different than in the instructions or else hidden in a corner so it took forever to navigate and produced great confusion and stress. Two similar examples from the email "Your Federal Return has Been Accepted". The email states that you will receive a confirmation number but no number is forthcoming. The email also states that you can "write a product review" but after clicking this link, it takes 5 minutes of hunting to find the review area when clicking on "write a product review" should take you right to the place you want to go. I would suggest that you test your product by "grabbing people off the street". The people who provide "chat help" are knowledgeable and efficient but getting connected to them using the program is another challenge.


Reviewed by Brisk2000

20 Jul 2018

Overall this is very good program. Interview instructions are clear and concise and it is easy to navigate around to any topic. As with other software, one expects to see incremental improvement and added functionality each year. Not the case with this program, unfortunately. Below is a list of features I'd like to see in next year's edition: 1. Ability to quickly transform an already completed MFJ return to a MFS/HoH return for either spouse. Currently, the program lets you reduce a MFJ return to a MFS/HoH return for only the primary/first spouse. 2. Ability to see and print the current tax year's key data (important data for next year's tax return). 3. Ability to enter a comment for every non-blank entry field for user's future recall or reference (e.g., a note to remember how you arrived at the value you entered in a field). 4. Option to increase the font size of the instructions. 5. The "Plan" section of the software needs a lot of work. The instructions in this section are horrible.


Reviewed by JonS

20 Jul 2018

I've been using using H&R block At Home/TaxCut for a number of years now so importing my pervious tax information was straight forward and relaivtely painless. Also, the entry of this years infomation was pretty easy as well due the the well laid out menus and such. However, when it came time to file, unlike with previous years, I did owe a little bit this year so I decided to go with the online credit card payment method. This instructions provided for this were absoultely HORRENDOUS. You are provided a single instruction "Go to the tax payment website to make a credit card payment." Absoultely no further information about what you need to enter into any of the fields on this website are given. While most of the information requested is pretty straight forward some of it is not, and not having any information on what to put into these fields gave me a "I think I did it right but I'm not really sure feeling". For future versions this is something that should definitely be corrected.


Reviewed by KW898

20 Jul 2018

Everything worked smoothly and efficiently except for one thing. Last year I filed an amended return. This caused some confusion and ultimately a rejection of my Federal return. Bottom line is there should be a focused help section telling the user what to do if you have a prior years amended return. For example, at the time of filing, we are asked for the prior years AGI in order for the IRS to accept the return. I entered the final amended value, but IRS actually wanted the ORIGINAL AGI (before the amendment). Also, when entering the State Refund into the Income section, I also entered the final amended value. Well, turns out the ORIGINAL refund value was needed here too, so it matches the state's 1099G. My point is that more questions and instructions should be given along the way, asking if the filer (user) had an amended return and exactly what that means for every form we fill out. Other than that the HR block software does a good job at guiding you through all the IRS forms.

mary and theresa

Reviewed by mary and theresa

20 Jul 2018

Have used H & R for many years without any significant problems until this year. While trying to file my daughter and her husband's return the AGI from 2014 which was done on H & R, was incorrect with no means to correct the number. Upon review the figures from 2014 were all messed up and thank goodness I retained the completed return along with all worksheets. These numbers were correct so no way to figure out how the AGI carried forward got this messed up. Was furious that was told by " Chat" that I could not correct the number and had to go through IRS.gov and obtain e-filing Pins for both she and her husband and re-file the return. A major inconvenience and leaves me feeling less than confidant in the whole program. I will be filing my own return in the next couple of days and will check the figures very closely to assure that 2014 will be brought forward correctly. Just about ready to go to Tax Cut next year although will be a major pain to have to manually input all numbers.

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