iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum w/Manufacturer's Warranty

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***FASTTRACK***iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuuming Robot credomarket is not an authorized retailer of this product.
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***FASTTRACK***iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuuming Robot credomarket is not an authorized retailer of this product.

Reviewed by Jane

23 Jul 2018

We love our Roomba. The best gift I have aver received. I feel so liberated.


Reviewed by Jackie

23 Jul 2018

Emma runs every day. She does get stuck or runs out of energy mid-house, but it really does not matter. If she makes it back to the charger, she starts up again when she is charged. If she gets stuck, pick her up and place her on the charger (if necessary) and she starts again later. Although the bin is rather small, it has not been a problem. Even though she runs every day she continues to pick up a ton of stuff. One would think that the amount would decrease significantly after a few days, but . . . . . Considering that we are not home during the day, and do not track in much, it is surprising that the bin is full at least once a day, sometimes twice. We do have a small short-haired dog who sheds quite a bit. The vacuum is not loud at all. When I am home, I notice it starting, but I soon forget about it if I am doing something else. Our dog is rather high-strung, but after the first day, she has been fine with the vacuum. I have a product idea I would like to share, if iRobot is interested. ;-)

Jeeves goes Dog crazy

Reviewed by Jeeves goes Dog crazy

23 Jul 2018

We normally use Jeeves to keep the pet hair and dirt under control, with them running in-and-out to the yard, to our active family tracking dirt into the foyer. It's done a great job for the most part, the only real dislike would be it repeatedly covering areas it's gone over 3-4 times, making the cleaning process take extra long; with how loud it is that is not a pleasant 1-1.5 hrs. We try to let it run while we're gone, but it gets stuck A LOT, under cabinet edges, it pulls up throw rugs when transitioning from tile to carpet, if it goes under furniture it sometimes gets stuck on power cords, so typically we have cancel the job via phone and have to restart it when we get home. Large objects it will go around, but if something is left on the floor that could get sucked up it will get stuck, so absolutely nothing can be left on the floor - a good thing, to a certain point. Still, we enjoy out Roomba. It saves us a ton of time spent sweeping daily.

Sir Roosevelt

Reviewed by Sir Roosevelt

23 Jul 2018

I'll introduce you to my mischevious house cleaner, Sir Roosevelt. He gets stuck on rugs, pieces of paper, markers, or stuffed animals at every chance. In his most impressive feat, unrolled an entire roll of dental floss that was left on the floor by my 4 year old (separate issue) and winding it so tightly around his left wheel that the wheel backed off of the axle and stopped only because if reached the edge of the wheel housing and would not rotate. The wheel was completely immobile. Impressive really that it could get wound so tightly. About 30 minutes, 4 spare screws, and a few touch and go minutes with gears strewn about, the floss was unwound from his wheel and he was back on his way. He does maintenance cleaning well so I guess he's worth the adoption fee. He just better start getting his chores done without crying out for attention. I'm stuck, I'm lost, someone closed he door behind be, I sucked an entire roll of dental floss into my wheel and can't move.... *sigh*


Reviewed by AC

23 Jul 2018

With a dog that likes to shed a lot, and walk in dirt outside during our walks, it has been impossible to keep my floors clean. Ever since I got my easy-to-use Roomba, people think I hired a cleaning crew to come in to my apartment several days a week. I was hoping Roomba would at least keep my floors somewhat clean during the week, assuming I would have to manually clean on the weekend. I was blown away when I realized that Roomba was doing such a great job that I now I don't vacuum at all! I was pleasantly surprised at how detailed it is. Roomba cleans better than I do when I used to vacuum manually. This model Roomba is expensive, but it is worth every penny. I would (and DO) recommend this to everyone I know!

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