LEGO Technic Rock Crawler Building Set

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Take on even the toughest terrain with the LEGO Technic Rock Crawler Building Set. Operate the four-wheel steering and four-wheel drive using the supplied LEGO Power Functions infrared remote control. This unique controller is simple to operate and provides complete control. The set comes with two different L-motors and a single servo motor to prov...
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Take on even the toughest terrain with the LEGO Technic Rock Crawler Building Set. Operate the four-wheel steering and four-wheel drive using the supplied LEGO Power Functions infrared remote control. This unique controller is simple to operate and provides complete control. The set comes with two different L-motors and a single servo motor to provide the power for the four-wheel drive steering. Then ride the roughest rocks with the high-performance extreme suspension. This LEGO Technic crawler is heavy-duty and also features opening doors and a top section. It is a tough off-road truck. This item comes with 1327 individual pieces, as well as a set of detailed instructions explaining how to build both vehicles. credomarket is not an authorized retailer of this product.

Reviewed by LegoNut1198

24 Jul 2018

Love this kit, it's an awesome build !! Tires could be bigger they just are proportional to the rest of the kit... Past that its a great kit, you have to remember its a LEGO kit and a real RC Car kit, so it will have its limitations. And as far as LEGO kits go this ones limits are higher than any that have come before it. I highly recommend it, it's a great build. Question for DLuders. Could you please expand on your comment "One could replace the differentials with Lego "Technic Knob Wheels" (Part 32072) to increase climbing ability. This will make it a bit harder to turn the wheels, but you won't lose traction if one wheel is off of the ground." Possibly include a photo or two please. I realize a full locker diff in not a good idea for a kit of this type (would most likely end up breaking other parts) but do feel it would benefit from anything that would improve overall traction when one loses contact with the ground.


Reviewed by DLuders

24 Jul 2018

I got two of these sets and built one of each (the "A-Model" 4x4 Crawler and the "B-Model" 4x4 Offroad Truck). Both use identical chassis designs -- only the top body shells are different. The A-Model is slightly heavier (since there are fewer unused parts), but it is better balanced. The B-Model is a bit nose-heavy and taller compared to the A-Model, and has a cab-over-engine design typical of European trucks. Once the A-Model starts rolling over, it CONTINUES to roll easier than the square-bodied B-Model. Both alternates could benefit from using the Lego Power Puller Wheels & Tires (Parts 22969 + 32298) for added stability. One could also use 1.9" (48mm Inside Diameter) RC-type, 3rd-party tires on the same Lego 44772 wheels that come with this set, if you find some in the 37mm-48mm width range. Larger tires help the crawling ability. One could replace the differentials with Lego "Technic Knob Wheels" (Part 32072) to increase climbing ability. This will make it a bit harder to turn the wheels, but you won't lose traction if one wheel is off of the ground. Overall, this is a great Lego Technic set! The new Lego Power Functions L-Motors and Servo Motor are very welcome additions.


Reviewed by Nomasuras

24 Jul 2018

Spent the better part of a day building this and enjoyed every minute of it. Not only were the instructions well set out they were all clear and concise on every aspect. The first time i turned it on and run it was great. Everything worked as it should and after spending more time than i care to admit playing with the thing it held together brilliantly. Steering takes a bit to get used to with the wide turning circle but it more than makes up for it while scaling things. See Images:


Reviewed by AJ200013

24 Jul 2018

This Lego Set is amazing with 4 wheel drive+all wheel suspension and it basically passes over any obstacle in its way it has a very realistic differential. which demonstrates the working of a real differential and the body work of it is amazing w/t or without the stickers it has a very realistic feeling too. I would recommend this to any body this set is truly amazing. Pros: Functions Torque 4 wheel drive And full wheel suspension Cons:Nothing!


Reviewed by awkwardchild13

24 Jul 2018

well, let's start off with the rating of the stock model. This is a fairly capable R/C lego model. The new L motor and servo motors are a welcome addition to the technic family and will hopefully be used on other future lego sets. It can drive fairly easily over shoes, 4" notebook binders, large books, and, LEGO forbid, even rocks or dirt clods outside. The suspension is far more impresive than the unimog's, off roader, or any other LEGO sets in the past. The truck can drive one tire on an object that is as tall as about 4 inches or 10 CM without taking a single other tire off the ground! Even more impressively, it can flex onto an object of a maximum 5 and 3/4 inches or about 15 CM tall without tipping over-but that's with one tire off the ground. Remember, these numbers are surely different with the super top-heavy B-model, and are numbers taken with a little extra weight added (lights, body armor, etc. so it probably tips over a slightly taller measurement, but you get the idea, this thing is BEAST! And I don't mean my version, I'm takling about the one with limited slip differentials front/ rear, no winch, unbraced/ flimsy rock sliders, no rear bumper, unguarded roof/hood, and a rediculous, sad excuse for a bull bar on the front. (In case you did't get that, I just listed all the differences between the out-of-the-box model and mine.;) ) Other cons I might add that I havn't fixed yet are these: needs power puller tires, slightly underpowered(needs XL motors), should be easier to adjust gear ratio after construction, and during extreme rollovers (ex. tumbling down 5-10 carpeted stairs) the roof supports on the front (would be windsheild holders, but of course there is no glass) sometimes pop out from the top or bottom, usually bottom. But that's not even the best of it! The iPhone5 will fit nice and snug between an axle, two poles, and the IR reciever , and peek its camera just barely over the top of the roof so you can video it driving around all over stuff from the truck. You can also modify the truck so it can hold the phone better. (I smell you tube trend!) Why does it not block the IR signal? Don't ask me, but it still works. If you want a model with some or all of these custom features, pay close attention...............................NOW! MY RIG: Okay, here's the most awesome (recognisably) modded 4x4 crawler I'VE ever seen, so if you have a better one, let us know! So, I started of with bracing the rock sliders since they were so flimsy, then replaced the bull bar with a full bumper that was really square and ugly, so I took it off. Then, I decided one day that I would add a unimog-style winch to the front. If you try it, it's acctually quite easy. all you have to do is take out the supports between the two front fenders on the chassis to make room for it all. I added a switch in the cabin to control the winch. The actual winch piece fits onto the front fairly easily with few modificatins to the front end. I had to modify the winch itself a little, because i already had the hook tied to the rope. Hence, the really weird roller fairlead in the pics.(see pictures for details.) Then I installed a cool rear bumper that covers the whole back, and protected the front end with that angry-eyed bumper that I whipped up. (Note, if you can see the front side hood panels, thay are SO scratched up, and were in need of something to protect them, so I added those tubes above the hood corners and discovered they look SO awesome, so I kept them for looks, if not anything else.) Then I beefed up the roll cage and added a support above the windsheild. (Note: all the shiny stuff you see on the body armor is that rubbery hollow tubular stuff that came on the racers nitro muscle and other racers vehicles back a few years ago.) And just recently, I took apart the front/rear axles and replaced those lame limited slip differentials with solid axles. (See pics) trust me, if you don't use EXACTLY the gear configuration that I did with the lockers, it doesn't work. I found it impossible to use anything ese because the gears kept slipping. Perhaps a really tight worm drive would also work, but I found this was the only way. JUST DO IT LIKE I DID! I was worried the lockers would make it so the tires would hardly turn, and they won't, stationary on carpet, but they barely did with slips anyway. Saccrificing the abuility to turn wheels while stationary is totally worth having the ability to keep on plowin' with two tires off the ground. (Don't know how you could do that without hi-centering her though.) Also it does considerably better in the mud and snow with the lockers, too, as the truck doesn't stop if just ONE tire looses traction. I modded the remote control because I found it awkward to turn the wheels from a verdical knob. I'm sure someone's done this before, but just to prove it's possible, here. (See pics) I also added lights which was as simple as taking out the little clear lenses, flipping them around, and putting them back on, the knobs pointed inwards. Then I just wired those LEDs to the middle hole. (there's three little lights on each side but I only had one thing of lights so I put them in the middle ones. That's all I did. (LOL) I've also heard it is possible to easily adjust the gear ratio, but if anything, I'd go even lower to give it more torque for climbing uphill, which it doesn't do at the moment. I just replaced the batteries in mine but it still seems to have way less torque than everyone else's I've seen. I hope this review gives you potential buyers another reason to get the greatest technic set in history, TODAY! (That's right. I said it. The greatest. Is anyone gonna disagree with me? No, because I'm right.) And I also hope that this gives you current owners of this set or alike the inspiration to beef it up like a real rock crawler, until you can drive it down a full flight of stairs without it breaking. :) Thanks, everyone for reading. I wish you all the best of luck modding (or not modding) your 9398 4x4 crawler. Rember to click the "thumbs up", if this was helpful and awesome, and thumbs down if you think my truck is ugly and I am an abnoxious moron who USES TOO MUCH CAPITAL LETTERS but really, I do, so sorry about that. BYE!

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