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Polk RTiA5 Compact Floor Standing Speaker (Black)

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Reviewed by ScotDav

23 Jul 2018

The RTi A5 has a warm, rich sound. The cabinet is as beautiful as the finest of furniture. I use the sound system mostly for music, though I watch tv and movies with the system as well. Here's my setup: 4 RTi A5 speakers. 2 for front, which are bi-amped. Either I'm imagining things, or bi-amping really made all the difference in the world. The other 2 speakers are for surround, placed next to the couch. They are slightly toed-in to face the entertainment center. The fullness of this setup is amazing. Sometimes, I'm speachless when the music fills the room. Audiophiles may wince at the quad set-up, though the surround speakers add depth that I like very much. My receiver is a Pioneer VSXLX102, 7.2. As per the instructions of the receiver, I used the front channel as the bi-amp first channel, and the rear surround channel as the second channel. I do not have a sub-woofer yet, though I plan to add the PSW111. I've chosen this sub because of its size. And since I have a 7.2 receiver, I may add 2 subs. The RTi A5 has great bass, though I want to separate the mid frequencies from the bass and pass the bass frequencies off to the sub. You wouldn't ask a guitar to play guitar and also to stand in for the bass, right?


Reviewed by MV

23 Jul 2018

I've owned Polk Audio speakes since the era of the SDA series. I purchased this pair for home theater and audio use. These were purchased on a whim and I did absolutely no research or surfing on the net. I listened to them in a sound room at American Furniture and Electronics. They stood their ground for what I needed them for. I took them home, hooked them up and OMG. Like I stated before, I've owned Polk speakers for years and they've never been known for their craftmanship. These speakers are absolutely stunning in looks, craftsmanship and immaging. A friend helped me hook up my AV system. He has a $15,000 AV home theater system and he was mad because his speakers didn't have the imaging that these speakers have. (His are made by a company in Arkansas). For the money, these speakers are a STEAL. Polk Audio engineered these speakers for the true audio fan. I would work for Polk Audio if I could sell these speakers for a living. I can't mark six stars so I'll just leave it at that.


Reviewed by shawn

23 Jul 2018

I had searched the internet for literally weeks before deciding on these speakers...and I can honestly say that all my hard work researching paid off. These speakers sound phenomenal. The imaging on them is flawless. It literally sounds as if all sound is coming from the center speaker in 2.1 stereo. Movies sound better than ever and music...oh man music. I'm hearing instruments and details I've never heard before. They matched up perfectly with my Onkyo 606 receiver and deliver just the right amount of power. Later if I choose I can go with a higher rated amp since these speakers are rated very high in wattage. I had also considered the a7 and a9 but thought my receiver wouldn't put out enough power for them to sound there best. The finish on these speakers is top notch. Made from a real wood they do pack some weight. All in all I can't imagine anyone on a reasonable budget to not pick these speakers and never look back and enjoying them for many years to come!


Reviewed by armycod13

23 Jul 2018

First of all I was trying to decide on which tower speaker in the Rti series to buy the 5, 7 or 9's. Money was not an objective when deciding on these. First of all the A9 require to much power and are rather large for the space I have. A little too overpowering. So basically it came down to the 7's and 5's. These speakers are very identical. Same midrange drivers, cabinet materials, etc... The only difference between the two is the extra midrange driver in the 5's. The 7's of course have 2 bass drivers. 95% of the people out there use a subwoofer. For me it was an easy decision go with the 5's. These speakers have very tight punchy bass. Excellent clear midrange. You have to have midrange in your speakers in order to have a good speaker. The 7's lack the midrange and you can always add a sub. If you don't like subs buy the 7's. If you want an overall quality speaker buy the 5's. There also a little cheaper, but don't let price fool you because most people think you have to spend more to get something better.


Reviewed by Mike

23 Jul 2018

I just moved into a new house with wood floors and I had a pair of black Polk RT1000's that I had enjoyed for years. Originally I wanted them for the beautiful wood cabinet to match the house. I was originally looking at the A9's but after further research and consult with the very helpful salesman at Polk I decided they were too power hungry and overkill for me. I am running them off a Onkyo 100watt reciever and have a subwoofer. Well to get to the point when I first hooked them up and listened to some music my jaw dropped. I can't explain how much better these sound over my older speakers. I can hear every detail down to the softest whispers to the booming bass notes. I am very impressed and would highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a beautiful looking and sounding set of main speakers. I loved them so much I ordered the matching center speaker to replace my old Polk cs400i. Can't wait for that to arrive.

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