Pulse Performance Scooters ATV Quad Ride On

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Pulse Atv Quad Ride On credomarket is not an authorized retailer of this product.
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Pulse Atv Quad Ride On credomarket is not an authorized retailer of this product.

Reviewed by IdahoDee10

24 Jul 2018

This atv quad is so close to the real thing is unbelievable. It has a padded seat, and the tires are knobby and take real air like the real quads instead all hard plastic tires on the toy quads. It has a 24v battery which is a littl e better than the standard 12v that comes in some. It is chain driven and only can go up to 8mph, which is just about right for kids, don't want it too fast to get away from them and you don't want it to slow, so they don't have any fun on it. The kids have been riding it as much as they can in between the storms that keep rolling in and they are just having the bbest time ever and loving it. I was really skeptical at first but after going thru everything with them, I am glad that I got it. I am thinking about getting another one for the kids to enjoy, but I will have to wait and see if th ey keep following the rules. I would recommend to my friends and family if they have the time to stay on top of the kids while riding it.


Reviewed by GreenScorpion

24 Jul 2018

Wow this ATV Quad is soo cool. I came out of the box easily and almost fully assembled. All it needed was the handle bars put in place. My grandson was chomping at the bit to get to ride his new ATV he quickly found his bike helmet to wear while riding it and we didn’t even have to mention that he would need a helmet. My boy was ready to get on quick fast and in a hurry once the handle bars were installed and he carefully walked it to the road and got on. It took him a minute or two to get it to move but once he started he took off. We charged it overnight and the next day after school he got his first long ride. Well as any kid would, he wanted to tie his wagon on to the back and take the trash to the dumpster. We let him but only with his dad walking behind him. He listened to instruction well and really enjoys this scooter especially since it is cooler than what the other kids in our park have all the kids want a ride. On a full charge it will go for about 40 – 50 minutes or so even pulling a wagon. He is still learning about how and when to use the hand brake properly and has been careful not to run into anyone or anything . I would so recommend.


Reviewed by Grinchthatstolechristmas

24 Jul 2018

The box it came in was large. 79 Pounds. Assembly was very simple. A couple of screws and install handlebar. It is very cool. It is safe for kids. It goes up to 7 Mile's per hour. My grand daughter is ten (see photo). She loves it. It uses a battery which lasts about 40 minutes, then recharge. Great gift for the child.


Reviewed by jrrobert

24 Jul 2018

This quad is rated by manufacturer age 8+ year . The parent and grand parents should made their choice not only from age weight etc. to select any product including this quad who could be fantastic for younger age if a child have previous experiment operated toys in the past. I would recommend child who show agility and maturity with mobile equipment. Grand daughter enjoy it. I reviewed a full instruction of manual with her. She surprise me how just after a few minutes when she was on this quad she was fully comfortable of controlling this Quad. This 4 wheeler good stability, motorization by a 24 volt small battery rechargeable, the charger are include.


Reviewed by ltlebear06

24 Jul 2018

I received the Pulse Performance Scooters ATV Quad Ride On from the Walmart Spark Reviewer program in exchange for my thoughts and opinions on this product. I figured this would be just an ok product being offered but once it was shipped to my house boy was I wrong. I am very pleased with this quad. Everything feels very authentic. I had my 5-year-old granddaughter try it out She took right off. Very easy for her to maneuver the accelerator and braking grips completely. The speed worked well, as well as the performance. She took it through a couple of inches of snow and it was able to plow right through it with no problem. There is no reverse on this which would be very helpful but not necessarily. The longest we went out riding for was 30 minutes. The battery did not seem to bog down and go slower up to that point. We parked it and had to go in so not sure how much longer it would have lasted. The tires on this item were very good quality, not just a toy quality. I think this really helped with the smooth ride. I highly recommend. I am VERY pleased with this quad.

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