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Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920 - 32GB - Black Sapphire (Sprint) Smartphone

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Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920 - 32GB - Black Sapphire (Sprint) Smartphone
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Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920 - 32GB - Black Sapphire (Sprint) Smartphone

Reviewed by MikeyBr

23 Jul 2018

I have been using the galaxy phone line since the s2, they have another awesome product with the s6. Just to start the camera takes amazing pictures but as we all know night pictures are hard to take with a phone camera and that is another great improvement for this phone. The look and feel is nice could of been a slight bit thicker to get a bigger battery in it, that is one of two down falls, it doesn't last as long as the s5 and you can't swap one out anymore, the other is no memory card what you get with the phone is it so if you like pictures, music and movies get one with a lot of memory. On a better note the display is amazing colors pop out and it is very clear, the s6 has performance, speed and is snappy with no lag. There is another very nice feature, the built in wireless charger you don't have to add anything just put the phone down on the charger and your done. Overall love the phone would recommend it to friend and will continue using the galaxy s line.


Reviewed by Marqu032

23 Jul 2018

I have been a faithful iPhone user for a long time now. Before deciding to do the swap to android i made sure to study the galaxy s6 design. Definitely, light weight, slender and such a sleek device. I was very impressed. The way it fits into my hand, I feel like this device was the perfect fit to my hand. The second deciding factor was the camera, i needed to make sure this camera is amazing and it is. I tend to go on walks and my boyfriend and I love taking pictures and it is by far the best camera i have had so far. The third deciding factor that made me stay with my galaxy s6 is the lightning fast processor that is beyond amazing, super fast and not hesitant at all. I love my new galaxy. I was able to get a wireless samsung charger with a case and it makes my device look so much more amazing with such an elegant design and feel. Thanks Samsung for my amazing device.


Reviewed by RobSIndy

23 Jul 2018

I am upgrading to the Samsung S6 phone from an HTC Evo that had lived its useful life. In comparison, the Samsung S6 has an excellent battery life that lasts all day without recharging. There are many pre-installed apps and the layout, offering, and organization of apps is reminiscent of Apple smartphones. I really love the 16 MP camera and HD video. Many apps from my previous phone had to be reinstalled and much of the data did not transfer in terms of address book. Overall, an excellent phone.

Reviewed by

23 Jul 2018

What a time to be alive, with Samsung always being ahead of its time. This phone has completely blown my expectations away. The only thing I was a bit upset about was the ability to add more memory via mini sd card or the ability to change batteries. The rest are pros, the durability of the phone is quite impressive, I accidentally dropped my phone from about a five ft drop, but when I picked it up the phone was completely un-impacted. Overall I this phone has brought a lot of commodities and enjoyment into my life. Thank you Samsung.


Reviewed by thebubbagump

23 Jul 2018

This phone has all the features I could ever need and a lot I'll never use. I haven't had any problems with the phone. In my line of work I don't know how I functioned with out it. I lost this phone in the deep woods for 3 days and found it with my blue tooth and was still working fine.

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