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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Silver Titanium - Sprint - Used

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Phone is used, will show signs of use such as minor dings and minor screen scratches. Comes tested, cleaned and fully functional.
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Phone is used, will show signs of use such as minor dings and minor screen scratches. Comes tested, cleaned and fully functional.

Reviewed by AlexRyanMusic

23 Jul 2018

I have been an Android fan since the very beginning, and since then I have never owned a Samsung phone as I always preferred a more stock android experience, and I never found the design and features of Samsung phones to be particularly compelling. The Galaxy S7 Edge has completely changed all of that. This is the perfect smartphone, and I have never been this satisfied with any other tech device I've owned. The phone is undeniably gorgeous, especially in the titanium color that I chose. The software is a matured version of Samsung's TouchWiz, and I vastly prefer it over Google's stock Android. The customization options are near endless, and the added features make for an incredible smooth and productive experience. The 1440p super AMOLED display is absolutely stunning, and coupled with the Gear VR it provides an immersive and jaw-dropping visual experience that impresses everyone I have ever shown it to. The battery life is the best of any phone I've ever owned, and fast charging support alone with wireless charging allow me to never worry about making it through a day even with my typically heavy usage. The 12 megapixel camera is unmatched by any other smartphone camera I have used, and it rivals my point and shoot both in color reproduction and video quality. Taking pictures is continually an absolute pleasure, and the photos and videos I take are as perfect for social media as they are for professional purposes. I am a very tech savy smartphone user and I prefer to always be on the cutting edge, but this is a phone that I see myself using for years to come. I cannot imagine another flagship matching this one in ease of use, design, and performance. Thank you Samsung for finally making the perfect smartphone.


Reviewed by CandyBean

23 Jul 2018

It took me two months to decide which phone to choose for this most recent upgrade. I chose well. I love the sleek feel and classy design. The touch response is fast. The screen is bigger, without making the phone feel much bigger either. I have the Gold Platinum color and it is just beautiful. I will definitely have to keep a cover on this though. It is very sensitive to fingerprints. Not a big deal to me, as I generally interchange several covers regularly anyway. This is my first Edge, and I see what the fuss is about over the 'Edge' feature. It was very easy to personalize and very handy. Can I tell you how much I love the long-lasting battery life!?!? A.LOT!! I can go a full day, normal use (which is high for me) and still have plenty of battery life left. I use this phone for work emails and calls most of the day. I also am heavy on the internet usage. GPS uses more battery than I'd like, but not enough to warrant a demerit. This was offset by the fact that with the fast charge my phone was fully charged within an hour or so. The sound quality is fantastic as well. Samsung upgraded the included earbuds as well. They are much more ergonomic and the sound quality is much nicer than previous headsets. Admittedly, they do not do me much good in the gym, as they come out to easily. I am really hoping that I can find the Gear IconX Wireless Earbuds soon. I have been DYING for wireless ear buds to hit the scene. Without a headset the speakers are phenomenal as well. Loud and clear. I can easily hear my music from the bedroom as I meander about the house in the morning getting ready. The picture quality is superb as well. The 8x zoom function has great quality. I uploaded two pictures below to show as an example. The first is from my seat to my bookshelf, the second is the 8x zoom shot of the actual books on my bookshelf. You can easily read the titles. The best feature, although I have yet to try it, is the waterproof feature. Hopefully, I will never have to test this. Overall am in enthralled with the device. After taking the device out of the packaging, the setup took less than 5 minutes and that included a software update. The Samsung Smart Switch hardware and software were easy peasy to use. I loved that I was able to pick and choose which of my photos, contacts, videos, music, bookmarks..etc. to transfer to the new device. The transfer itself took about 20 minuets. I had over 500 pictures and I transferred all of my messages, since I use them for work. Well done Samsung. I am only sorry that I took so long to come back :) Candy


Reviewed by BlackhartFilms

23 Jul 2018

I picked up the S7 Edge coming from a Note 4. As a filmmaker and power user, the things that matter to me in a phone are performance, battery life, camera capabilites, and the screen. In every one of these categories this phone excels. I picked up the Edge over the standard S7 because it has a slightly larger screen, and a slightly larger battery, as well as the Edge Features I'm coming to really enjoy. Having an extra set of shortcuts that feel natural to use is always a plus. Now, onto my proper review of the phone: The design and feel of the phone is amazing. As I said, I'm coming from a Note 4. The Note 4 was a big phone, and well designed, but it felt very large in the hands. The corners even with the chamfers could be a little irritating during prolonged use, digging into the corners of your hand. The S7 Edge, despite being very similar in size, has not caused me this same issue. The smooth curves and bevels, as well as the mostly glass covered construction make the phone feel premium and easy to hold. The phone also feels significantly lighter in the hand. I appreciate the power and volume buttons being on opposite sides, making them distinctive and not hard to confuse when you reach for them without looking. All of the buttons have a good tactile feel, and a very definite action, no mush whatsoever. Overall, my only complaint with the design is that because it's so premium with glass on every face, I do have this instinctual fear that it might slip from my pocket or hand. I've never had this happen yet, but I still went ahead and purchased a skin for the back to help give myself a little more feeling of purchase on the phone when I hold it. I love the fact that this phone comes IP68 water resistant. Smartphones have been on this trend of being thinner and thinner and more prone to damage for a long time. I've been waiting for phones to finally start designing themselves so as not to require a phone case. I especially love that despite the water resistant design, a tray was still included for expandable storage! So many phones have been relegating their users to relying purely on internal storage or the cloud, and as a film maker and photographer I really appreciate the ability to slot in large SD cards. The only downside of the IP68 design is that the single speaker on the bottom of the phone is a step down from the Note 4. At high volumes the S7 speaker is a little more tinny and distorted than I would hope for, but I understand this small sacrifice for the protection of the components. In my eyes, it's a more than fair trade off. I listen to music and videos using headphones or a bluetooth speaker most of the time anyway, and the built in speaker is by no means "bad", it's just not excellent. In terms of battery life, I've never had this phone die on me in a single day. I usually go through several hours of screen on time every day, using battery hogging features like video streaming, GPS, and social media. Despite this constant use, I usually end my day with over 20% battery remaining, and this is without turning on any of the power saving features the phone comes with in the settings. I love the buttery smooth fast performance of the phone, and I love that I don't need to compromise any of that performance in order to make it through a day on a single charge. I'm not sure how Samsung managed to pull this off, maybe that big vibrant screen being AMOLED helped a lot, but the battery life is actually impressive Plus, the ability to top off my phone throughout the day by placing it on a wireless charging mat while I work is a godsend. I've even been looking into wireless charging car mounts to clip my phone into while using GPS to navigate around town. Now, onto my favourite feature of the phone, and the main reason I went for the S7 over any other device on the market right now- the camera. Hands down, this is the best smartphone camera I've ever come across. Because I do film and photography professionally, I'm usually the one friends hand their phone to when they want group photos taken. I've tried iPhones, and dozens of other android phones from mid-range to flagships- no other phone can touch the camera on this device. Double tapping the home button brings up the camera app in just a second, and when you press the button to snap a photo there is 0 shutter lag. *Click* and done. The photos come out crisp, vibrant, and well lit. The phone autofocuses super fast both for photos and in video mode, and with the wide aperture can pull off some really amazing macro style photos with beautiful blown out bokeh depth of field easily. I had high hopes hearing the hype about this camera going into the purchase, and if anything my expectations were exceeded upon getting my own hands on it. Overall, this is the best phone on the market right now. If you're trying to convince a friend to ditch iOS and move to Android, I'd put an S7 in their hands and see how they feel. And, if you're looking for the best camera in smartphones, bar none, the S7 is the obvious choice. Premium feeling, and definitely worth it. I fully recommend.


Reviewed by michaelj6561

23 Jul 2018

good points + 1 - Screen design (Edge looks stunning physically and graphically plus screen is tough, I dropped my phone a few times still solid in condition) 2 - Battery life (Playing mobile games for 2-3hrs at 100% and it comes out 80-70% battery plus it's doesn't overheat/doesn't get hot.) 3 - Processor (I can play the most demanding games/apps smoothly and fast) 4 - Ergonomic design (Back is curved to fit my hand nicely, also it's not overly too big so I can use it with one hand) 5 - 'Always on display' feature (I tend to look at the time and date often, really neat, plus u can also turn off this feature) 6 - 'Fast charging' (1.5-2% battery per minute, by 1hr over 70% battery, plus u can also similarly turn off this feature) 7 - Expandable storage (I've got the 32gb sd card, more games/movies/data) Bad Points − Almost no bad points really if any I would say... 1 - Edge screen (makes it difficult *really* to apply the screen protector) 2 - No hard glass protector yet 3 - Some software pre-installed not wanted (can be disabled which I did) 4 - Phone comes in only 32gb but this is minor with s7's expandable storage


Reviewed by serendipitymuse

23 Jul 2018

2017, I am out of the country and on a trip to an amusement park and I made the gravest mistake possible: I forgot I had my phone in my jacket pocket. So as you can imagine, the phone falls out from a straight-drop ride. I only realized the phone was missing once I lifted my almost weightless cross purse and I see a worker lifting up a phone. You can imagine my heart sank right at that moment, but behold, my phone is STILL FINE. Yes, it cracked, but the smallest fall would have been almost 20-30 ft !!! It had a few deep dents on 2 corners and only cracked on the top corner where the selfie camera is located :( Unfortunate, but my phone was working perfectly fine, back camera came out unscathed, and the screen is fine as well!! AM I mad? Yes, of course! But luckily it was only the front camera (which just looks a bit blurry) and I can live with that for the next couple of months. I am not upgrading for many different factors, however, it is very expensive to even fix the screen, its basically half the cost of the phone, so that is the only downside about Samsung phones. I would recommend this phone to anyone! I have dropped my phone several times, needless to say it was in perfect condition until I dropped it. However, it is durable, has a great camera with wonderful modes, and is fast! I actually preordered this phone when it became first available on my phone company. I was very happy with the phone, it was everything I thought it would be and the performance was soo much better than the s5 I had at the time. The screen was amazing, the main camera was amazing (front was good, of course still needed a bit more working on). Anyways, THANK YOU SAMSUNG for making such durable phones. Please just think of ways to make it inexpensive to fix them!

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